Wausau PB “Pork Belly" Scraper

pb pork belly
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Brand: Wausau Equipment

The Wausau PB mounts to the underside of the chassis near the midpoint and enables scraping of hard packed snow with hydraulic downward pressure. The blade is very popular for highway operators who need to keep the ashpalt snow and ice free.

This plow comes in three moldboard lengths: 10ft, 11ft and 12ft with a 20 in moldboard height.


  • Wausau's Pork Belly Model PB Underbody Blade is built to scrape, built to last.
  • Rugged design includes a 1” moldboard and turntable.
  • Two 4” double acting reverse cylinders and two 3” double acting cylinders with safety trip cushion springs for moldboard pitch and equipment safety.
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