Snow Pusher season is upon us!

We are stocked on snow pushers for the 2019 winter season. Once these are gone, so are the deals. If you are looking to push snow with your loader, backhoe, compact tractor or skid steer, contact your municipal equipment specialist or call us today. We also have metal and rubber cutting edges in stock!

BOSS Pushers

Model Part # Application Price
LDR-14 Trip Edge  BXP16539
Loader  $6,750
BH-12 Trip Edge BXP16500
Backhoe $5,950
SK-10 Trip Edge BXP16510
Skid Steer $2,950
SK-8 Trip Edge BXP16508
Skid Steer $2,965

HP Fairfield Pushers

Granite 14ft 2601114-HPF Loader $4,395

ScoopDogg Pushers

12ft Loader 2601112 Loader $4,250
14ft Loader 2601114 Loader $4,575
16ft Loader 2601116 Loader $5,095
10ft Backhoe 2602110 Backhoe $3,299
12ft Backhoe 2602112 Backhoe $3,459
8ft Skid Steer 2603108 Skid Steer $2,350
10ft Skid Steer 2603110 Skid Steer $2,695
8ft Compact Tractor 2604108 Compact Tractor $2,075

In stock inventory only. While supplies last!

Price for in stock inventory only and does not include sales tax, if applicable. Special orders will incur increased cost. For more information, contact your municipal equipment specialist or call your local store.