Air-Flo Flo 'N Dump (FND-12-CSHPF)

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Brand: Air-Flo

The Flo 'N Dump was designed to be a simple, strong and versatile unit. The Flo 'N Dump is first and foremost a heavy duty dump body. Incorporated into the design is a 34"€ wide center mounted conveyor that moves ice control material to the rear through the tailgate or to the front through a chassis frame chute. The Flo 'N Dump is ready to be used as either a dump body or ice control spreader at a moments notice! When dangerous, icy conditions demand stability the Flo '€˜N Dump lets you spread loads safely while the body remains down on the chassis.

Serial #: FND004906

Location: Pembroke, NH

Item #: FND-12-CSHPF

Clearance Price: $28,224 Reduced to $12,000!

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