Rugby Eliminator Dump Body

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Brand: Rugby


Eliminator Series

Rugby Eliminator LP Dump Body, by Rugby Manufacturing, is the industry leader in Class 3-5. Featuring a sleek, streamline style and designed for maximum durability, these units are available in 9' to 12' lengths with 12 and 17" side height options. Units come equipped with a sloped 1/4 cab shield that has a slotted viewing window. A lower mounting height improves the body’s overall stability. The patented EZ-LATCH™ system is also included for easy tailgate operation and maximum safety.

Other industry leading design features include:

  • 10 ga construction throughout on bodies with rigid sides, bodies with fold down sides have 12 ga sides
  • Fully boxed and tapered dirt-shedding top rail
  • Double-walled rigid sides with 6" vertical braces
  • Single-walled fold down sides with 6" vertical braces
  • Pockets for 6" side boards increase load capacity
  • Side design includes fully boxed 45° dirt shedding top rail and a 50° sloped bottom rail for a completely self-cleaning profi le
  • Front body's seamless one-piece design features triple bend top rails for long-term durability
  • Stacked understructure consisting of 5" structural long members overlaid with 3" structural I-beam crossmembers spaced 16" (12" optional) apart
  • 1/4 cab shield with viewing window
  • Full height corner posts with rear surface sloped 6° aids in tailgate closing
  • Tailgate double walled panel design fabricated from 10 ga steel featuring fully boxed dirt-shedding top and bottom rails. Two vertical braces to provide additional strength and rigidity

Body Options

2-3 & 3-4 Yard Rigid & Fold Down Side Carbon Steel:
  • Cabshields (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full) Standard and Tall
  • 7-gauge floor
  • Cross sills on 12" centers
  • Understructure Options:
    • Stacked
    • Crossmemberless

Aluminum Side Assemblies available on 3-4 yard Fold Down Side model

Standard Features

  • Cab Shield Posts
    Full depth front pillars include easily locating cut-out for fast installation of cab shield insert. Makes all Eliminator LP cab shields interchangeable, helping to keep inventory low.
  • Fold down sides feature a centrally located quick release lever that extends and retracts 3/4" pins at each end using a solid linkage member. Weight-saving aluminum fold down sides are optional on steel bodies.
  • Low Mount Hoist
    The Eliminator LP's lower mounting height improves the body's overall stability. Actual mounting height 7 5/8".
  • Rugby's patented and industry leading EZ-LATCH™ (located on each side of body) allows for easy body access. The latch system is designed for quick opening and slam lock operation with a cam action to draw-in upper tailgate pins.
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