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Swenson Spreader’s ALL PURPOSE BODY (APB) gives your operation the flexibility to quickly adapt to and from ice control spreading, asphalt patch work, loading a paver, berming and hauling. If you’re considering a combination spreader/dump body, whether it be for front discharge or rear discharge spreading or a combination—Swenson’s ALL PURPOSE BODY has the capabilities.

Rear Discharge All Purpose Body

Swenson's All Purpose Body for ice control conveys material rearward through a removable sliding coal chute style feedgate. The feedgate is adjustable in positive pin 1 inch increments for metering snow and ice control materials without material free-flow or can be opened up to 9 inches for use as a coal chute. A 24,500 pound tensile strength pintle type conveyor chain and 1/2” x 1-1/2” cross bars on 4-1/2” centers is standard equipment on the All Purpose Body rear discharge system. The All Purpose Body’s rear spinner may be pivoted under-body (when not using for ice control operations) or below the materials drop zone when spreading. The assembly has 6 inches of vertical adjustment and 5 positions horizontally for precise spread pattern control. The spinner may be easily removed from the body.

Front Discharge All Purpose Body

Swenson's Front Discharge All Purpose Body, used in ice control applications to spread in front of the rear tires to increase traction in icy conditions or hilly areas, utilizes a high capacity 9 inch front cross auger conveyor to move materials to the front spinner. A high temperature belt over chain is standard equipment on the center conveyor of the front discharge system and the conveyor seal design eliminates material buildup on the truck chassis (a common problem in front discharge spreader applications). The front discharge system will move materials forward for front spreading or to the rear for other applications (such as to feed an asphalt paver or cross conveyor). An optional rear spinner may be added to transform the system onto a combination front and rear spreading machine. The front discharge spinner has the capability to achieve a 4 to 40 foot spread pattern. Precision controlled spread rates as low as 75 pounds per mile with uniform distribution of material is achieved with the system’s “even-flow” feature."

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