American SCK Series Snow Plow

sck series
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Brand: American Sno-Plows

American Sno-Plows throw snow farther than any other one-way plow.

The various models of One-Way Patrol plows described are the results of many years of field testing and are, we believe, the finest in design, workmanship and performance that can be obtained.

American Snow-Plows are recognized by authorities as the standard of the industry and are backed by over 65 years of experience devoted exclusively to design and manufacture of quality snow plows.


  • Oscillating drive bar ears
  • Rugged and light drive frame
  • Panel type moldboard increases rigidity and strength
  • Compression spring trip moldboard design
  • Adjustable moldboard brace for adjustment of moldboard attack angle
  • High speed moldboard curvature design
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