Portable Mainline Camera System

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Brand: RS Technical

Private Eye 2 Portable Mainline Inspection System

The Pi2 command center is enclosed in a Pelican® waterproof and crush proof case that measures 18.43” x 14.43” x 7.62” and weighs just 30 lbs, giving the user extreme portability without sacrificing field durability.

The Pi2 is compatible with all RST cameras and tractors (shown here with the TranSTAR 6-wheel drive tractor and NovaSTAR pan & tilt camera) and when combined with a Compact Portable Reel (CPR) loaded with single conductor cable, is capable of inspecting 4” to 200” diameter pipelines up to 1,500’ in length.

Options include: sun readable monitor, text writer and laptop data collection software.

This is the perfect pipeline inspection system for easements, off road manholes or any hard to get to situation.


  • TFT LCD flat screen monitor
  • On-screen footage display
  • Automated power adjustment
  • MPEG Video recording capability
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