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Brand: Falcon

The Falcon dump box model asphalt recycler & patch trailer reclaimer hopper holding capacity ranges from 2 tons to 6 tons.

The hopper on a Falcon dump box asphalt recycler & patch trailer reclaimer is capable of tilting by means of two dual-actuated, hydraulic cylinders. Both the up and down cylinder motions are hydraulically controlled. The power source for cylinders controlling the movement of the hopper is a 12-volt self-contained electric over hydraulic pump. The dump box remote control is mounted at rear of hopper to allow the operator to view the material unloading door while lifting or lowering the dump box. The 12-volt pump is stored in a lockable toolbox mounted on the front of the trailer frame.

The Falcon propane or diesel reclaimer & asphalt patcher has an in-line quick disconnect fuel filter with a water separator to prevent burner failure caused by water in the diesel fuel. The fuel tank on the dump box model has a capacity sufficient for holding hot mix and heating cold mix for three 8-hour shifts or recycling a full load of asphalt millings. The tank is bolted to steel brackets that are welded to the front hopper wall. Attaching the fuel tank to the front hopper walls prevents fuel lines from getting pinched when the hopper is raised and lowered. The fuel tank neck is welded into the fuel tank. Welding instead of bolting the fuel neck into the tank prevents moisture from entering the tank. It is this type of attention to detail that makes Falcon the quality leader in asphalt maintenance equipment.

The Falcon propane or diesel reclaimer & asphalt patcher is equipped with a digital temperature controller. The temperature controller is easily adjustable in increments of 1 degree between 32 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The burner stops running when the temperature setting on the digital temperature controller is reached. When the hopper temperature drops 10 degrees below the temperature set on the temperature controller, the diesel burner will begin running until the set temperature is reached. The hopper burner turns on / off with a single toggle switch located inside the electrical enclosure.

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