SuperVac Gale Force

supervac galeforce
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Brand: Schwarze

The Schwarze® SuperVac Gale Force is a dual-engine, chassis mounted parking lot sweeper designed to provide a cost-effective solution with rugged performance. The SuperVac Gale Force easily picks up all types of litter associated with parking lot maintenance and the 4.5 cubic yard carbon steel hopper reduces time spent dumping. And the 69" high dump hydraulic operated dumper keeps operators safe while efficiently emptying the carbon steel hopper. The slide-out screens provide easy access for cleaning for no clog€™ airflow.

At the heart of the SuperVac Gale Force is the Schwarze® exclusive WhisperWheel„  fan system powered by a diesel auxiliary engine designed to maximum performance. Debris is removed from the surface via the 82"€ width blast and suction pickup head that sweeps in reverse for more efficient operations. The 39" diameter gutter broom loosens even stubborn debris and the remote-in-cab 27 degree hydraulic tilt and vertical steel digger can be activated without the driver leaving the cab. Come to the people you know, for the products you trust.

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