SnoGo WK800 Series Snowblower

snogo wk800
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Brand: SnoGo

SnoGo Wk800 Snow Blower Features:

Blower Head

  • The SNOGO® two stage auger, full mechanical type blower heads are of very compact design, suitable for all snow conditions, and ideal for spot-casting/loading of snow through a discharge or telescopic loading chute.
  • The WK-800’s three 12” horizontal augers feed into a 38” impeller.
  • Cutting width is 102”.
  • Blower height is 42"
  • Separate shear pin protection for both augers and impeller.

Power Package

  • SnoGo's Blower engine hp is approx.150 hp (depending on engine type), providing output up to 1500 tons per hour.
  • Power is transferred from the engine to the blower head by means of gear/chain drives.
  • All drive train components are engineered with ample built-in safety margins to assure reliability and longevity.
  • Sized for 1.5 to 2.5 cubic yard loaders.
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