SnowGo TU3 Truck Mounted Snowblower

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Brand: SnoGo

SnoGo TU3 Truck-Mounted Snowblower


Blower Head

SnoGo's compact two stage, full mechanical auger type blower head is suitable for all snow conditions, and ideal for spot-casting/loading of snow. Its three 18” horizontal augers feed into a 41” impeller. The cutting width is 102”, the blower height is 60”. Separate shear pin protection for both augers and impeller.

Power Package

SnoGo's blower engine options range from 350 hp to 425 hp, providing outputs up to 2500 tons per hour. Power is transferred from the engine to the blower head either by chain and/or gear drives. All drive train components are engineered with ample built-in safety margins to assure reliability and longevity.


This blower package can be installed on a conventional all-wheel drive chassis with a 44,000 lbs. GVW rating with a min. 21,000 lbs. front axle rating.

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