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Brand: Frink America


  • Frink America's Rollover Hitch is intended for a truck chassis with more than 35,000 pound G.V.W.R. and also to be used in conjunction with a roll-over plow.
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Close fit to the front of the chassis
  • 30.5" Plow pining centers.
  • 1/2" Cheekplate kit (Cheekplates not shown in illustration)
  • Allows for three pinning heights
  • Can be set-up and used with a Frink America wing systems and wings
  • Uses a 4" bore by 16" stroke cylinder with two single 7" diameter sheaves attached to both ends of the cylinder to raise and lower the Roll-Over plow during travel position and during the Roll-Over phase
  • 5/8" Diameter 8 by 19 I.P.S. wire rope
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Frink America ROLL-OVER Plow
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