Swenson MDV Spreader

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Brand: Swenson

Swenson's MDV spreader is sized between the pick-up size spreader and the large V-box models, Swenson’s Medium Duty Vee (MDV) model brings versatility to your fleet. This unit is produced to cover the gap between the 15,000 GVW and the 20,000 GVW trucks such as the Ford F-550 or Ram 5500. You’ll have the flexibility of a smaller vehicle with the capacity of a larger unit. The MDV can be driven on its own power or by truck hydraulics. Many options for comparable models, from other sources, are standard on the MDV. You’ll find it to be the unit that completes your fleet.

Engine Drive Features:

  • 10.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Integral fork pockets allows for quick installation or removal of spreader from your truck
  • Maintenance free front idler roller provides trouble free drag chain operation
  • Standard inverted V keeps weight off the drag chain for optimal performance
  • Two internal and four external baffles allow for precise placement of materials

One year warranty

Optional equipment: Truck harness kit, side extensions, 10" spill shield, Vibrator Kit, Tarp Kit, Hold Down Kit, Pre-wet Tank (Electric Pump) , Chain Oiler

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