PT-13 Long Reach Valve Operator

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The PT-13 can operate underground gate valves from 6" to 60" diameter. Torque control device insures that only enough torque to turn valve is present. Is more gentle on valve stem than normal manual operation. Swivel in head allows operation at up to 15 degrees of misalignment.

Power head extends up to 28 inches to operate. Revolution counter gives readout of valve turns to 1/10th of a revolution. Torque setting can be easily checked while valve is turning without strain on valve.

Gauges include pressure, torque, oil temp., and oil filter condition. Controls include torque, direction, speed, and auxiliary circuit.

Trailer mounted for portability and convenience.

Mount the PT-13 directly to your truck.

The PT-13 Long Reach unit can be furnished on a roll-out carriage for lengthwise mounting in a utility body or pickup truck.

Here you can see a portable option for the PT-13, allowing you to only bring it with you when you need it.

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