PV-800 Vacuum Excavators

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Brand: PacificTek


Features include:
  • 2-part epoxy coating inside and out with urethane top coat.
  • 800 gallon capacity debris tank.
  • 4" diameter pickup hose and non-conductive pickup wands.
  • "Zero leak" submarine type hatch.
  • "Centri-clean" 1-piece washable 10 micron filter element.
  • Easy access to service and maintain all components.
  • Skid built unit allows easy removal from trailer or truck bed.
  • Lightest weight unit of it's size on the market.
  • Hydraulic tank tilt to 45 degrees.
  • Custom trailer with "V" tail cutout for clean dumping.
  • Trailer mounted unit on a 14,000 GVW trailer.
  • Reverse flow option allows pumping of liquid and slurry, also helps prevent hose clogging.
  • Excellent for both boring fluid recovery and light excavating the PV-800 Vacuum Excavator holds 4 cu. yds. of solid or liquid material. Water jet system is useful in both dig assistance and cleanup.
Other optional accessories available include:
High Output gas or diesel drive, large hatch with lift system, 3,000 or 3,500 psi water jet, air compressor and air knife system, hose boom w/ storage rest, solar battery charging system, and "Piggy-Vac" auxiliary tank & dump unit.
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