Brine Makers and Dispensers

Did your city or town come close to running out of salt last year?

Brine, whether used to wet salt or as an anti-icer, is a highly effective and surprisingly economical solution for combating snow and ice issues on roadways.   Even after just one season, many municipalities have found a decrease in operating expenses after investing in the AccuBrine® Automated brine maker.

Providing the need for fewer solid deicing applications, and creating brine in less time with less labor, the AccuBrine® automated brine maker is a cost-effective investment for winter maintenance operations.

Fewer deicing applications. More cost-effective. Pre-treating roads with salt brine from the AccuBrine® automated brine maker means you will use less solid deicing product to melt ice and clear roads. Applying less solid product saves on labor, fuel vehicle maintenance, and solid product expenses.

Automated production. Increased savings. Manual requirements for producing homemade brine with other systems can often become costly. Providing a fully automated process, the AccuBrine® automated brine maker produces an accurate, effective blend of salt at the touch of a button and automatically performs cleanout operations, saving you on time and labor costs.

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