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Brand: Trackless Vehicles

The Trackless Leaf Loader is the most advanced and efficient leaf loading machine on the market today.

Leaves are picked up at curbside, mulched and blown into a truck.

Advantages include:

Faster Pick Up, Less Personnel

Most customers, at the end of their leaf pickup, claim to be three to four weeks ahead of schedule, due to the ability of the Trackless Leaf Loader to load up to four trucks per hour and 100,000 pounds per day.


Even though leaves represent up to 20% of municipal solid wastes, states such as New Jersey and many communities have banned leaf disposal by land filling or incineration. As others follow, mulching/composting will soon become mandatory as the first step in leaf disposal or recycling.

Heavier Loas and Fewer Tips

Each loaded truck contains far more material, due to the leaves being mulched. Customers have reported loading 100,000 pounds per day. Recycling Mulch can be sold or offered free of charge to landscapers and the general public for their gardens, flower beds, etc. Although the demand may not be large enough to recycle 100% of the mulch generated, the demand will increase every year, once a program is implemented.

No Bad Weather Days

Due to the heated cab, rain, snow or cold weather does not effect the operator's willingness to work. Furthermore, none of these conditions effect the Leaf Loader's ability to pick up the leaves even if they are stuck or frozen to the asphalt.

No Physical Labor

The operator simply stays in the cab and lets the Leaf Loader do the work. As with any job where physical demands are high, total mechanization can easily double, if not quadruple, productivity.

Less Traffic Congestion

Leaf Loader and truck operate close to the curb, minimizing disturbance to traffic flow.


  • Throat opening: 72" x 35" high
  • Mulching rotor: Full width with 144 knives
  • Beater bar feed roller: 18 pairs of spring base type tines
  • Intermediate feed roller: 32 tines, eccentric rotation
  • Cross auger: 14 inch diameter
  • Blower fan: 32" x 7" with three replaceable paddles and knives
  • Drive protection: Torque limiting clutch on PTO shaft, over running clutch in gearbox
  • Drive: PTO driven rotor and blower fan, hydraulic driven beater bar feed roller, intermediate feed roller, and cross auger
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