Used Truck, Contractor and Municipal Equipment For Sale

Looking to buy quality used equipment at great prices? We offer quality used plow trucks, plows, wings, street sweepers, sidewalk tractors, spreaders, mowers, snow blowers, attachments and much more. Our used equipment list is always changing so don't wait, call now!

Contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like more info or if you have quality, used equipment you would like to sell to us! Please remember to include a contact phone number where we can reach you.

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HPF #CategoryMakeModelPrice
USA11764HPF Spreaders Swenson PV358H SS $1,650.00
UTA12040HPF Sidewalk Tractor Attachments Holder Spreader $650.00
UTA12046HPF Sidewalk Tractor Attachments Cote MV550283840 $650.00
USA12053HPF Spreaders BOSS TGS800 $2,000.00
UTA11834HPF Sidewalk Tractor Attachments Trackless Sweepster $1,500.00
UPL11824HPF Plows American FTP108 $4,825.00
UMI11835HPF Sewer Trucks Vactor 2100 Series $99,000.00
UMI12058HPF Leaf Collectors VacAll E5-10D $6,900.00
UMA10873HPF Mowers Tiger Flail Mower Head $10,500.00
USA11615HPF Spreaders Swenson MDV 944H $4,500.00
UPL11621HPF Plows Everest RHS132 Butterfly $2,900.00
UPL12066HPF Plows Tenco TCO-11S-E2R-ST $2,500.00
USW11836HPF Sweepers Johnston VT650 $12,500.00
USA11618HPF Spreaders Warren AC1041OA $500.00
USA11617HPF Spreaders Swenson PV358ES-SS $1,200.00
UTA12025HPF Sidewalk Tractor Attachments Trackless M14 14 Foot Rotary Mower $5,500.00
USA12035HPF Spreaders Swenson MDV-944-SS $2,775.00
USA12034HPF Spreaders Torwell 8ft Stainless Steel $1,100.00
USA12033HPF Spreaders Swenson MDV 1044 $1,500.00
USA12037HPF Spreaders Swenson PV358-ES-SS 8ft Stainless Steel Sander $2,330.00