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Meet Greg Conrad, HP Fairfield’s new Parts Sales Representative

Greg Conrad, PSSR
Greg Conrad, PSSR

I caught up with Greg Conrad to get an idea of what the new Product Support Sales Representative (PSSR) position is like. —Editor

How long have you been with HP Fairfield?

This upcoming July will mark three years with the company. I was hired as a CDL-A truck driver making equipment deliveries to customers.

What have your responsibilities been during this time?

Most of my time has been working on the consolidation of store locations by making sure the equipment safely moves to either Hopkinton or Skowhegan.

What prompted you to apply for the PSSR position?

I really enjoy the driving aspect of my job but I really wanted to contribute more than just deliveries. After a discussion with my supervisor, they presented me with this role as an option for growth and advancement. This was exactly what I was looking for. It meant I would get more involved with our customers.

What does your new role include for day-to-day tasks?

My focus is to build relations as the newest sales representative for the company starting off in half of the state. Then, increasing my territory from there. I seek out the public works directors, foremen, and parts managers to find out how I can assist them.

I carry various parts right in my van which makes customers excited to not need to travel to Hopkinton. Any parts ordered that I don’t keep with me are delivered a week later when I’m on that route again. This works out for everyone and increased my sales significantly.

I’m only responsible for delivering the parts that I receive orders for. However, if there are parts on the shelf in Hopkinton, ready for delivery, and the customer is on my route, I grab them. Then, I make the extra stop.

This sort of customer service builds relationships. Usually, it ends up with the customer placing another order. This starts a chain of additional orders because of the extra effort to check the parts shelf.

What keeps you motivated day to day?

My favorite aspect of the job is listening to issues within municipal public works and providing solutions. Customer feedback is not always easy to obtain. I’ll take notes and share those with my colleagues back at the shop. That way, they’re aware and can make adjustments, if necessary.

Do you have regular routes planned out at this time?

Yes. Routes are broken up into counties only within New Hampshire at this time. I visit 3-8 town garages a day, depending on travel time between stops.

Every other month, routes start over again. The customer knows when to expect me next time. Hopefully, with an order. With over 200 towns in New Hampshire, planning viable routes makes growing slowly essential for success.

How do you think your position affects the company?

There will always be a need for parts. Customers can buy the parts from us or somewhere else. It’s my job to build a level of trust in the business sense. When parts are needed, I’m the person they call.

They know I’ll be back and when. Introducing new items to our customers further increases our brand. It creates a great deal of good discussion.

I already learned that customers are pleased to match a face with the HP Fairfield name. Each week seems financially better than the last. I’m proud of the role I’ve secured within the company. I look forward to better part orders each week.

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