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Alamo Industrial TRAXX RC28

Alamo Industrial TRAXX RC28

Brand: Alamo Industrial

The TRAXX™ RC28 is a purpose built rotary-type remote controlled industrial mower for cutting grass and light brush in areas not accessible to conventional mowing equipment or not safe for operators. The lightweight design with low center of gravity provides stability in all terrain and minimizes surface disturbance.


General Specifications

  • Rated for continuous operation on slopes up to 55⁰
  • Compatible with optional GPS Autosteer through Trimble
  • Variable travel speeds from 0-4.3 mph
  • Overall width of 59”
  • Overall length of 59”
  • Overall height of 30” – 36”
  • 1058 lbs. total weight
  • Fully enclosed panels to keep debris out

Mower Deck

  • Cutting width of 43″
  • Auto-lowers to pre-set cut heights between 1.2” – 7.1”
  • Programmable low height setting
  • Bi-directional cutting
  • Twin spindle deck with four pairs of blades
  • Direct shaft drive with electric clutch
  • Heavy duty, double-cut, up-draft Hardox 700 mulching blades
  • Blade-tip speed is variable up to 205 mph

Track Drive System

  • Rubber tracks with a max working angle of 55⁰
  • Self-tightening system utilizing a spring washer prevents excessive wear
  • 39.4” axle to axle length
  • 48 V AC electric drive motor

Remote Control

  • 492 ft operating range
  • 458 MHz frequency
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Fully proportional remote control with Hetronic digital control system
  • Dual joystick for intuitive bi-directional control
  • Screen on remote control displays machine feedback:
    • Speed
    • RPM
    • Current cut height
    • Pre-set cut heights
    • Operating job time
    • Total rotor hours
    • Total engine hours
    • Signal strength


  • Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 810 cc engine
  • 28 horsepower gasoline-electric hybrid
  • Efficient electronic fuel injection
  • Two (2) 2.6 gal removable fuel tanks for convenient refueling
  • Cyclonic Air Cleaner extends life in dusty conditions

Protection & Safety

  • Variable rotor speed with 3 second shut-down
  • Warning alarm at 50⁰ slopes and automatic shutoff at 70⁰
  • Maximum operating noise of 98dB(A)
  • Engine complies with ANSI B71.4 safety regulation
  • Integrated access hatch for safe and convenient servicing

There shall be a one year parts and labor warranty. Non-governmental users are subject to modified policy. Only Alamo Industrial (OEM) parts may be used for warranty replacement.

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